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NASA Conspiracy Theory: Secret Base On Moon Spotted – Report

NASA Conspiracy Theory: Secret Base On Moon Spotted – Report
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Conspiracy Theories

NASA Conspiracy Theory: Secret Base On Moon Spotted – Report

Conspiracy theorists are losing their minds over a never-before-seen photo of what appears to be buildings on the moon. The image has caused many to question whether NASA is covering up proof of alien life in the universe.

The photo was captured lying on the desk during a filmed interview. The image was spotted during the interview of project scientists Anthony Colaprete and Dr. Kim Ennico.

It shows what appears to be an oblong-shaped structure on the lunar surface. The alleged buildings on the moon also show clear geometric patterns that cannot be easily dismissed as natural formations.

NASA Cover-Up Of Alien Life?

According to Express, alien hunters believe that the image and the inconspicuous way it was shown is proof that proof of alien life is being hidden from the general public. They also went on that the reason the truth is being hidden is the impact it will have on religion and rule of law.

If a form of alien life, even not a sentient one is found, it would drastically change how humanity views its existence. The possibility of life occurring beyond our home planet would raise new questions just as quickly as it will answer them.

Conspiracy theorists believe that someone at NASA wanted the truth to get out, which is why the image was shown. Popular conspiracy site forums still believe that governments around the world are concealing the fact that aliens exist.

Also, are these structures the reason why the United States has not returned to the moon after several decades? Is there a secret mission happening on the moon as we speak that has not been disclosed?

NASA still insists that the only unnatural objects photographed on the moon are those left by the Apollo manned missions. However, a skeptical UFO enthusiast has weighed in favor of the space agency.

Scott Brando, who runs a site focusing on busting alien hoaxes, stated that the figure is indeed man-made. However, it was from an experiment that studied impact craters on the lunar surface.

Brando dismissed the theory saying it was the same hoax again. He also dismissed the alleged buildings on the moon as just the mark for the Centaur rocket impact in 2009.

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