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NASA Conspiracy Theory: ‘Golden UFO’ Reportedly Orbiting Earth

NASA Conspiracy Theory: ‘Golden UFO’ Reportedly Orbiting Earth
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NASA Conspiracy Theory: ‘Golden UFO’ Reportedly Orbiting Earth

A NASA video footage of the earth purportedly showed a huge golden UFO hovering over the earth’s atmosphere, which allegedly prompted the agency to cut off the transmission to cover up the footage. The video has been uploaded on YouTube a couple of days ago by a user going by the name Streetcap1.

UFO enthusiasts believe that the footage is the latest proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life. The NASA video footage, showing a strange, golden object that appears to be orbiting the planet, was taken by a high-definition camera aboard the International Space Station.

The footage is interrupted by a message that said, “Please stand by: The High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment is either switching cameras or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal from the International Space Station.”

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The UFO hunter decided to record the video and upload it to YouTube. He wrote in the description box beneath the video, “I thought I was seeing things at first then quickly started recording.”

He added, “To my surprise they cut transmission. This has to be huge whatever it is. If it was a building it would be hundreds of miles long.”

According to Mirror UK, one of the viewers appeared to have completely believed in what was being shown. “They are here! I wonder when they are going to make their great entrance on a major city,and the people reaction!” the viewer commented.

Scott C. Warring of the UFO Sightings Daily noted the distinct golden color of the UFO. “This UFO was seen on live ISS cam today and was caught by Streetcap1 of YouTube,” he wrote. “The UFO is a totally different color that all other surroundings.”

He also pointed out that the golden UFO had a black window area, which most likely formed the bridge of the UFO. But not everyone is ready to believe that the so-called golden UFO is an alien spaceship. One commentator suggested that it could be a mere reflection of the sun, while others contended that the object could be a strange cloud formation, similar to the one that hovered over the city of Foshan in China last year, the Sun reported.

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