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‘Naruto’ TV To Adapt Konoha Hiden, Sasuke Shinden, Shikamaru Hiden Into Anime This Winter

‘Naruto’ TV To Adapt Konoha Hiden, Sasuke Shinden, Shikamaru Hiden Into Anime This Winter
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‘Naruto’ TV To Adapt Konoha Hiden, Sasuke Shinden, Shikamaru Hiden Into Anime This Winter

Can’t get enough Naruto? Good news it has been announced that the epilogue novels will be adapted into an anime series this coming winter.

Three Hiden/Shinden will be adapted. These are namely Shikamaru Hiden by Takashi Yano, Konoha Hiden by Hinata, and Sasuke Shinden by Shin Towasa. More information will be revealed in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the original publisher of the popular ninja-themed manga.

Keeping Naruto Alive

According to Anime News Network, since manga-ka Masashi Kishimoto ended the main manga, Shueisha has been publishing works based on the series. All in all, 10 novels were published, six of which are Hiden (Hidden Story) revolving around a character or characters from the original story.

There are currently three Shinden (True Story) novels, the first two centered on Itachi Uchiha. The Itachi novels even inspired a story arc in the Naruto Shippuden TV series.

According to Cruchyroll, the latest Shinden novel, Sasuke Shinden, focuses on Sasuke Uchiha the titular character’s best friend, sort of. The novel was released last year and is set to be published outside Japan in spring. The novels are published and distributed by Viz Media in the United States.

There are some are criticizing Shueisha for “milking” more money from the franchise. But since Masashi Kishimoto has refused to continue the story into a new era with the main character’s son Boruto, publishing novels based on the original series is the only way to keep the franchise alive.

There is no doubt that the series has one of the biggest fan base in all of anime. Now that the manga has ended, there is little that can keep them interested except for the anime.

And considering the current state of the anime industry at the moment, losing a cash cow like Naruto would not be ideal. Thus, to keep the franchise alive, any work that can expand is always a welcome addition.

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