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‘Narcos’ Season 3: Spoilers, Air Date, Cast, More Details We Know So Far About Netflix Series

‘Narcos’ Season 3: Spoilers, Air Date, Cast, More Details We Know So Far About Netflix Series
Juca Ferreira recebe o ator Wagner Moura Ministério da Cultura / Flickr CC

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‘Narcos’ Season 3: Spoilers, Air Date, Cast, More Details We Know So Far About Netflix Series

Only a month after its second season premiered, fans have been yearning for the latest “Narcos” season 3 spoilers.

What lies ahead for the show now that Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) is already dead? How do the producers intend to maintain the show’s thrill?

Last month, aside from the release of the second season, the crime thriller web TV show also achieved another milestone. Netflix renewed it for third and fourth seasons.

Following the announcement, many have reportedly become more interested in what to expect from “Narcos” season 3, especially those that would make it unique from its predecessors.

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There might be some twists, considering the fact that they may lose some avid followers if they will not present a different angle of the drug cartel story.

According to the Independent, the official “Narcos” Twitter account shared that filming for the third installment has already started.

“The blow must go on,” the post reads. “Pablo might be dead but the war is not over. Season 3 of #Narcos has begun filming.”

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Illegal drug trade is definitely not making a stop in “Narcos” season 3, but how producers Jose Padilha and Eric Newman would provide a fresh take on each episode is what fans should look forward to.

The showrunners previously hinted that the story of Medellin Cartel leader Pablo Escobar, despite his death, would face an end if fans start abandoning them. Therefore, as long as there are fans who keep on supporting his story, a new take would always be explored.

In the meantime, Bustle surmised that the third season of “Narcos” would highlight how the Cali Cartel rose to power, with the Orejuela brothers at its helm.

The entertainment site teased that there is “a wealth of information” about the group that “Narcos” season 3 would chronicle.

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