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Her Name Is ‘Idiot:’ 4-year-old Beaten Black And Blue (Photos, Facts)

Her Name Is ‘Idiot:’ 4-year-old Beaten Black And Blue (Photos, Facts)
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Her Name Is ‘Idiot:’ 4-year-old Beaten Black And Blue (Photos, Facts)

A couple has been arrested after a four-year-old girl was found suffering from several signs of physical abuse. Her parents had apparently named her Idiot.

Officers from the Hot Springs Police Department were called in at the Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy after workers and center employees from the Arkansas Department of Human Services examined and determined that the four-year-old was abused.

When officers asked the girl for her name, she simply said that she responded to “idiot.” Meanwhile, another juvenile had confirmed that the girl was called “idiot.” The said juvenile said the girl had been tied up.

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According to report from The Sentinel-Record, the girl had deep purple bruising on her lower back, legs and bottom. She also had dried blood in the corner of her mouth and a bruise on her forehead. At the same time, she had a swollen right cheek and a black eye. Examination of arms revealed ligature marks around her wrists, indicating she had been restrained. She also appeared malnourished.

When officers had arrived, 30-year-old Jennifer Diane Denen, the girl’s mother, and her boyfriend, 47-year-old Clarence Eugene Reed, were present. They were transported to the police department for questioning. During the interview, Denen told the police she had seen Reed strike the young girl with a plastic bat.

Meanwhile, Reed admitted striking the girl using a half-inch thick wooden paddle, instead of a plastic bat. He allegedly admitted him and Denen using zip ties to secure the child after she was seen climbing their kitchen cabinets. Reed also admitted to regularly referring to the young girl as an “idiot,” but claimed it was just a joke. At the same time, Denen admitted not seeking medical care for her daughter.

According to arrest records, both Denen and Reed have been charged with domestic battery 1st degree, permitting child abuse and endangering welfare of a minor in the first degree.

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