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Mystery Of Mummified German Tourist: Here’s Everything We Know

Mystery Of Mummified German Tourist: Here’s Everything We Know
Photo courtesy of Barobo Police Station Facebook


Mystery Of Mummified German Tourist: Here’s Everything We Know

Local fisher folks from a fishing community of Barobo in Surigao del Sur, Philippines have found a dead German national from a drifting yacht. The case has since been viral in the internet for one shocking fact: the body was mummified.

Local authorities in Surigao del Sur have identified the dead body as Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a veteran sailor. The report noted that Bajorat has been dead for approximately seven days. The investigating body, however, weren’t able to establish as to the specific time Bajorat died.

Bajorat’s mummified body was hunched on the table when two local fishermen found the body last Friday, the Daily Mail reported. Autopsy report conducted by the Regional Crime Laboratory, revealed that Bajorat’s cause of death was acute myocardial infarction. Local police in Barobo described the German’s position when it was recovered: as if it was just sleeping with his head on top of the man’s right arm. The police also recovered several personal belongings of Bajorat, including some family photographs – his wife and daughter – which was then posted by the police department on its Facebook account in a bid to contact the man’s family in Germany.

The most chilling information was that his family and and friends know no information of his whereabouts for the last seven years. According to New York Daily News, a German news agency reported that his family hasn’t seen Bajorat for over seven years now when he ventured on a one-man expedition to the North Pacific Ocean.  “I haven’t seen him since then,” said one friend, who added that he had stayed in contact with Mr Bajorat via Facebook once or twice a year.The last time was a year ago. At the time he said he wanted to go on (another) around-the-world trip,” said Bajorat’s friend was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Dried ocean winds and temperature may have helped for his body to be mummified. Just like in the case of ancient Egyptian mummies buried in hot dry sands. The corpse undergoes dehydration that then leads to the desiccation, the state of extreme dryness or the process of extreme drying.

In a follow-up report from the Daily Mail, Bajorat’s daughter is set to go to the Philippines to personally see if indeed it was the body is that of his father. She will have the mummified body of his father cremated before bringing it back to their country.

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