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Mysterious Island In North Carolina Appears

Mysterious Island In North Carolina Appears
Image from CNN


Mysterious Island In North Carolina Appears

Citizens from North Carolina were shocked and delighted to see a mysterious island that washed up on the shore overnight. Starting out as a tiny isle, it quickly grew into a whole island and has garnered plenty of attention because of this. It’s not everyday that you see an island pop out of nowhere, and it looks like North Carolina will have a new attraction for tourists soon.

According to CNN, the floating piece of land that came out of nowhere has been dubbed as Shelly Island, due to the amount of sea shells that have been uncovered. Unfortunately, the island isn’t easy to go to on foot, so citizens and tourists have to brave the waters if they want to check out Shelly Island. It’s a shame too, since it’s the perfect spot to collect sea shells, so beach enthusiasts will have to go by boat if they want to check the mysterious island out.

The island, or Shelly Island, is one-mile long and is located near Cape Point, a popular North Carolina surfing hotspot. Surfers hoping to get there via their board or swimming are out of luck, since officials have advised people not to go there by swimming. Apparently, the waters are too strong to go through normally, and are pretty deep to boot so drowning is a possibility.

Dave Hallac, the superintendent of Cape Hatteras National Seashore, stated that Cape Point’s shoreline is constantly changing. It seems like the mysterious island could disappear just as quickly as it appeared, so tourists and North Carolina citizens have to enjoy collecting sea shells while they can. For now, tourists are enjoying the island while they can, which officials aren’t against, as long as the necessary measures are made to get to the spot safely. Stay tuned for more news on the island and if it eventually disappears.

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