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MVP Stephen Curry To Challenge LeBron James’ Genius In NBA Finals

MVP Stephen Curry To Challenge LeBron James’ Genius In NBA Finals
2014-04-06, Warriors vs Jazz, Oracle arena, Oakland, California Noah Salzman / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0


MVP Stephen Curry To Challenge LeBron James’ Genius In NBA Finals

Going through a dream-run this season the Golden State Warriors now face the final test against the Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers, led by vintage LeBron James. James will attain the heights of the legends of NBA basketball if he wins this finals with the Cavs. Whether MVP Stephen Curry’s brilliance could challenge LeBron’s mavericks on court shall be witnessed as the final series kickstarts on June 4.

With James’ mid-season return, the Cavs have displayed invincible spirit on their 12-2 playoff run, outplaying their opponents with utmost ease. They have registered a better margin than the Golden State, outscoring the opponents by 10 points per 100 possessions. A cracker of a series is expected as experts view it as 22-year-old “David” Curry preparing himself to challenge “Goliath” James.

LeBron James is heading to play his fifth straight finals, and Curry, on the other-hand, his maiden one. The Warriors lost only once in their last 8 games against the Rockets in the Western Conference finals. Stephen Curry’s three-pointers are a revelation of the season. Their opponents, the Cavs, posted the third best defensive rating of this post-season. point-guard Kyrie Irving’s fitness is a reason to worry about for the Cavs management. Irving sustained a knee injury against the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference final series, which later was detected as knee-tendinitis.  Klay Thompson of Golden State, also suffered from concussions during Western Conference finals.

Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr may use Harrison Barnes to mark James. Whether the tactic would pay dividends or not has million-questions. But the 67 wins-Warriors and their 12-3 run in playoffs have proven that big stars are not always required for getting success in the NBA.

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