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Music Artists On Paris Attacks: French Montana, Madonna, Bono Gives Cognition

Music Artists On Paris Attacks: French Montana, Madonna, Bono Gives Cognition
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Music Artists On Paris Attacks: French Montana, Madonna, Bono Gives Cognition

The terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday night shook the world, including the artists in the music industry such as U2, Madonna and French Montana.

Several musicians relayed their grief over the Paris attacks that occurred over the weekend.

Madonna continued her show with a moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the tragedy, Bono and the rest of U2 relayed their disappointment over the victims being music lovers, and French Montana, who is a Muslim, displayed his distaste as to why these attacks were being reflected upon Muslim people.

As reported by CNN, U2 was preparing for an upcoming gig in Paris last Friday night when they heard the rumbling of gunfire and screaming individuals three blocks away from the AccorHotels Arena. Bono said, “Our security locked it down pretty quickly and we got our team and crew out of there safely. We came to the back door of the hotel. Everyone congregated and watched the TV like everybody else in disbelief with what was happening. We’re all safe.”

Last Friday, the world stood at a standstill as a series of coordinated terrorist attacked rampaged through the City of Light. Musicians Bono and the rest of U2’s show were cancelled because the city of Paris was declared under a state of emergency.

One of the attacks orchestrated was at the Eagles of Death Metal concert wherein a number of people lost their lives. When asked about the incident, Bono said, “It’s very upsetting. These are our people. This could be me at a show, you at a show, in that venue. It’s a very recognizable situation for you and for me and the coldblooded aspect of this slaughter is deeply disturbing and that’s what I can’t get out of my head.”

While U2’s concert was cancelled, Madonna went on with her show in Stockholm, Sweden, reported Vanity Fair. While she was performing, she called out to the audience, saying, “I was going to cancel my show tonight.” However, she added that she was not going to let the terrorists stop her from enjoying the feel of freedom and decided to go on with her show. As she continued performing for the crowd, “Before we do go one, I would like to have a moment of silence… say a prayer for the victims who died last night in Paris and for the families of those victims.”

In other news, French Montana gave his own reaction to the issue at hand, reported TMZ. While he was leaving Playhouse in Hollywood the day after the attacks, he was troubled about the fact that although some of the perpetrators were Muslims, the faith should not be blamed for the monstrosity. According to him, the people who infiltrated the attacks were crazy people and the religion should not be blamed for such acts. In fact, he greeted the reporter, “As-salamu Alaykum,” a greeting in Islamic language which means “Peace be upon you.”

The coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday shocked the world and stirred a ripple in the music industry. Several musicians such as Bono, U2, Madonna and French Montana all gave their reactions to the devastation.

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