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Munich Attack: Photo Of Teen Gunman Ali David Sonboly

Munich Attack: Photo Of Teen Gunman Ali David Sonboly
Amok-Läufer mit Glock-Pistole in linker Hand auf OEZ-Parkdeck in München quapan CC BY 2.0


Munich Attack: Photo Of Teen Gunman Ali David Sonboly

The latest Munich attack was orchestrated by a teenager who shot and killed nine people.

It was reported that the teen gunman also wounded more than 15 at a shopping center, making this the the third attack on civilians in Europe in eight days. It was determined that the killing spree was an apparent revenge after he had been bullied.

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According to The Guardian, the gunman targeted youngsters of “Turkish and Arab” origin. This is because Sonboly claimed that those groups had picked on him in school. Revelations came out on Saturday, when it was reported that the gunman was a “depressed” teenager.

More shockingly, it was revealed that he might have been inspired by Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik. Multiple documents regarding mass shootings were discovered in his bedroom. Prosecutors said Sonboly planned his own attack, gathering information from a book about the Virginia Tech and Columbine massacres. The book was entitled “Rampage in the Head: Why Students Kill.”

Documents about dangerous mass attacks were also found in his bedroom. Along with that, several violent computer games were discovered. It was later revealed by prosecutors that Sonboly had researched shooting spree techniques. They also said he might have been trying to lure victims to the Olympia shopping center. This was because he made a Facebook post where he offered free food at a nearby McDonald’s.

The Telegraph reported that Sonboly had changed his profile picture to an image of Breivik before he began the Munich attack.

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