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Exclusive: Multitasking Pregnant Mom, Doctor Megan Meier, Shares Her Secrets

Exclusive: Multitasking Pregnant Mom, Doctor Megan Meier, Shares Her Secrets
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Exclusive: Multitasking Pregnant Mom, Doctor Megan Meier, Shares Her Secrets

It’s the photo of one pregnant mom hard at work on a football field while her little girl is strapped to her back that got everyone talking.

Doctor Mom Megan Meier says that at that time, she was having one of those really hectic days. “At the last minute, my husband needed to leave town and none of our friends, family, or babysitters were available to watch my daughter,” she recalled to Morning News USA.

Megan happens to be a sports medicine physician and she regularly cares for both sports and dance companies. That day, she was scheduled to provide sports coverage at Putnam City North in Oklahoma City. There was an intense football game going on and Megan’s job required her to stay throughout all four quarters with the team.

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“As a mom, situations often arise where we have to improvise and figure out how to make it work,” she said. “For me, improvising meant that I would wear my three-year old to keep her safe so I could focus on the game and caring for the athletes.”

She said it’s not advisable to leave a toddler to roam around a football sideline so keeping her as close as possible was her best option. When asked how she managed to keep her entertained the entire time, doctor mom Megan let us in on a few of her mommy tricks.

“You can see in the picture that I have a bag of goldfish snacks hanging out of my pocket that I would hand back periodically. The other pocket actually had stickers that I gave her for being such a good helper and Paw Patrol ready to go on my phone for when she started to get antsy,” she said.

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Just to be clear though, Megan’s little girl did get out of her mom’s strap from time to time. ” My daughter took breaks from the carrier when we could,” Megan explained.

On a typical day, Megan tends to have a really busy schedule. According to this fabulous doctor mom, she usually works 10 to 15 hours a day. She would often see patients from 8 AM to 5 PM and then proceed to cover any sporting event if there are any.

Megan happens to be the official team physician for Putnam City North High School as well as the company physician for the Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma Festival Ballet and the University of Oklahoma Dance Department, according to her online profile.

If there are none, you would usually find Megan offering free physicals in a number of local schools. She says she does this once or twice a week.

Even with a really hectic life, Megan still finds the time to do dates with her husband. In fact, the couple has found a great way to share a meal together even when Megan has to be on sports coverage.

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“On a sports coverage night, my husband usually gets dinner ready and brings it to the event so we can have a quick ‘picnic’ together and then spend time together at the event if possible.,” Megan explained.

Megan also said that she credits her husband for making sure their daughter gets to school in the morning as she has leave the house much earlier than the rest of her brood. ” I leave early for clinic due to commute so my husband helps out a ton with getting our child to preschool,” she said.

Megan admits that juggling life as a working mom is “always a struggle.” “Anything worth doing often is,” she adds.

For her, the key to finding balance is being in an environment where there is support around you. ” Sometimes, when it gets hard, a little encouragement can go a long way. A helping hand in a pinch is often a lifeline. I think as working moms and dads, we should make a point to uplift each other and create a supportive community that allows us to accomplish our goals as professional and parents,” she remarked.

For Megan, the key to successfully encouraging parents to be successful in life and at work is simply getting support from everyone. “I am very fortunate to be in a position where I am very much supported but this isn’t true for everyone. If we all are better of supporting each other and supporting the family unit, I think we will see a lot of good things happen!”

Well said, Dr. Megan.

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