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Multi-billionaire’s Ex-wife Loses $1 Billion Divorce Appeal

Multi-billionaire’s Ex-wife Loses $1 Billion Divorce Appeal
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Multi-billionaire’s Ex-wife Loses $1 Billion Divorce Appeal

Sue Ann Arnall, ex-wife of Oklahoma oil executive Harold Hamm, has lost an appeal on Tuesday for nearly $1 billion divorce settlement. The court ruled out the appeal of the former wife of the multi-billionaire, because she has already received $995,481,842 from Hamm in January.

The court gave judgement in favor of Hamm, thereby dismissing Arnall’s $1 billion appeal.

Arnall took into possession the marital property awarded to her. Hamm felt relieved when the court’s decision favored him, dismissing his ex-wife’s appeal for a larger share of his property. The court also took from her the right to appeal judgment.

Married in 1988, the couple hit a rough patch two years back ago when Arnall filed for divorce.

Last November, an Oklahoma County judge awarded Sue Ann nearly $1 billion as divorce settlement, but she appealed the court’s decision, insisting that she was awarded only minimal property share of Hamm’s $18 billion wealth.

On Tuesday, the court finally gave the decision in favor of the business tycoon, ending two-and-a-half years of a long-running expensive divorce case.

Hamm is one of richest people in America. TIME magazine listed him as one of 100 most influential people.

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