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‘Mulan’ Live Action Casting: Zac Efron As Li Shang, Jennifer Lawrence As Mulan

‘Mulan’ Live Action Casting: Zac Efron As Li Shang, Jennifer Lawrence As Mulan
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‘Mulan’ Live Action Casting: Zac Efron As Li Shang, Jennifer Lawrence As Mulan

News spread saying that the upcoming live action “Mulan” film will star Zac Efron and Jennifer Lawrence, following a number of tweets spreading the rumors.

The rumors circulating said that “Neighbors” actor Zac Efron will star as Li Shang, while “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence will play Mulan.

According to one tweet by Unreel News: “#BreakingUpdate: Zac Efron is being eyed to star with Jennifer Lawrence in the live-action Mulan remake as Li Shang!”

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Another tweet said, “#BREAKING #Exclusive Disney reportedly eying Jennifer Lawrence for live-action Mulan.”

However, Cosmopolitan debunked the rumors, saying the tweets came from a fake Twitter account that obviously spreads unconfirmed and made-up stories. Upon circulation of the fake tweets, fans went wild, expressing dismay toward white actors in Hollywood.

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Without noticing that the news is fake, some said that Lawrence is not fit to play as Mulan, a legendary female warrior in China, noting that she is white. Disney has yet to confirm if Jennifer Lawrence will star as the character alongside Zac Efron.

The Cosmo report believes that Disney will prove people wrong and choose Asian characters.

“But we’ve still got faith that Disney will make a sensible decision here and not opt for a caucasian actress to play the lead role,” the report said. “The part of Mulan will provide the perfect opportunity for one of the many talented actresses of Chinese heritage to get the recognition she deserves, and we’re sure they won’t pass up on that.”

However, though the tweets are proven fake, there is an ongoing petition calling Hollywood producers to cast an Asian for the live action “Mulan.”

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The petition noted that Hollywood has been practicing whitewashing in the movies, like “The Last Airbender” and “Pan,” and has preferred getting Caucasian actors rather than Asian ones.

“Whitewashing, the practice of casting white Caucasian actors and actresses in roles originally meant to be characters of color, is all too common in Hollywood,” it says.

As of press time, the petition has gained 95, 909 supporters.

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