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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Frankie Shaw Returns As Shayla

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Frankie Shaw Returns As Shayla
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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Frankie Shaw Returns As Shayla

“Mr. Robot” Season 2 will premiere this July 13. With the premiere around the corner, new speculations have emerged, including one that states Frankie Shaw will return for her role as Shayla.

According to Variety, the second season of the techno-thriller “Mr. Robot” lead by its creator Sam Esmail and main protagonist Rami Malek, will return to USA Network two months from now.

Sam Esmail hinted a comeback for Frankie Shaw in “Mr. Robot” season 2 for her role as Shayla, Elliot’s morphine seller. Her character was murdered in season 1.

In an Instagram image posted two weeks ago, the creator and director showed a photo of Rami Malek and Frankie Shaw, in what seemed to be a taping day.

He captioned the photo with, “Day 30 of #MrRobot.”

It was rumored that despite Shayla’s death, Sam Esmail is set to bring back the actress’ role as she had already hinted this in an interview.

“Sam is awesome and I love him and he’s probably my favorite person I’ve ever worked for,” Frankie Shaw told Movie Pilot. “Sam was very generous in giving me advice on how to run a show. He would include me in looking at the monitor, and wondering ‘why are you shooting inside the door from outside the door.’ You know how that show is shot… and it was cool to see someone stand so strong in his vision.”

“Mr. Robot” tackles the story of hacker and disoriented Elliot Alderson who tied-up with Mr. Robot and his hackers to pin down giant company E Corp.

The critically-acclaimed television series, which premiered last year, bagged the Golden Globes for the best television drama, as well as the supporting actor award for Christian Slater who played as Mr. Robot, The Verge reported.

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