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Mr. Robot Episode 8 Spoilers: Rami Malek To See Elliot ‘Crumbling?’

Mr. Robot Episode 8 Spoilers: Rami Malek To See Elliot ‘Crumbling?’
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Mr. Robot Episode 8 Spoilers: Rami Malek To See Elliot ‘Crumbling?’

The American thriller-drama Mr. Robot which gained quick popularity since it premiered on June 24, 2015, has now completed 7 episodes and only 3 more are left to go before concluding the season. USA Network has also released the promo for the 8th episode to be aired under the name “eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v” on August 12.

Mr Robot episode 8 promo video shows Elliot taking a gun from Darlene, who also informs Elliot that she is being tailed and has convinced the Dark Army to discuss their plan. The preview goes by the title “Trust No One,” and it is made clear by Elliot in the video that inherently hackers do not trust anyone not even one of their own.

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F-society is expected to come up with a fresh plan, and Christian Slater informs Elliot that he cannot afford any distraction at this stage. Romero and Trenton both most probably will make it back to the group in this episode.

F-society will come up with a fresh video to threaten Evil Corp. While the colleagues of Elliot watched the video, Gideon realizes that Elliot is missing. Angela continues with her mission to expose Evil Corp and she becomes suspicious about Elliot. The Mr Robot episode 8 promo also highlights Elliot’s mental condition becoming more unstable.

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On the other side of the plot, Tyrell Wellick will talk to the police in the next episode about the murder of Sharon Knowles. The plot thickens as Tyrell tries to misdirect the police on the murder case to keep his reputation clean.

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