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Mozilla Rolls Out Major Firefox Redesign

Mozilla Rolls Out Major Firefox Redesign


Mozilla Rolls Out Major Firefox Redesign

Mozilla Rolls Out Major Firefox RedesignMozilla has rolled out a major redesign for the desktop version of their popular Firefox web browser.

“We reimagined and redesigned Firefox to reflect how you use the Web today and we are excited to introduce many features including an elegant and fun design, new menu, customization mode and an enhanced Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts.”

The new update features a redesign of the look and functionality of the browser’s menu bars and tabs, among other things. Firefox’s blocky tabs have been scrapped for sleeker and more curved ones which look very similar to Chrome’s tabs but Firefox takes the design a bit further by making non-focused tabs blend into the background to give your active tab more emphasis and make the un-focused tabs “less of a distraction.”

The menu has been relocated to the right corner of the toolbar has been completely redesigned to feature a more current look. Instead of a vertical list of options, the new menu features a grid of icons that the user can customize to their liking. Default icons for functions including opening a new window, opening the history, going to Full Screen mode, opening the Add-ons menu, and many more are available. Icons for Firefox add-ons will also be available. Customizing which buttons and where they are on the grid is as easy as opening Customization Mode and dragging and dropping icons to and from the menu box.

There are also buttons for Cut, Copy, Paste, Zoom In, and Zoom Out, in the menu as well as buttons for signing in to Sync, opening Customization Mode, opening the Help Menu, and exiting the browser. Users can now also easily create and manage bookmarks with a new set of buttons right on the browser’s toolbar.

Mozilla has also enhanced their browser syncing feature with the new Firefox Accounts. Users can now easily create a Firefox Account and start adding multiple devices to it for syncing data such as their browser history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, and form data between their computer and their mobile device/s all with end-to-end encryption.

The new Mozilla Firefox is now available for download or update. Users may need to restart their Firefox browser for the new update to apply.

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