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Mozilla Plans to Release Firefox UI Makeover on April 29

Mozilla Plans to Release Firefox UI Makeover on April 29


Mozilla Plans to Release Firefox UI Makeover on April 29

Mozilla is cooking up something new for its popular browser Firefox. The company said it is on track to usher in the debut of its new user interface (UI) called ‘Australis.’ The new interface is set to be released on April 29.

Australis was added to Firefox’s ‘Beta’ channel on Firefox 29 last March 20. It should be noted that Mozilla usually employs its three-stage US development process to ship versions of software to Aurora, Beta, and Release channels. There are six weeks that separate Aurora and Beta and another six weeks between the Beta and Release.

Thus, after the March 20 Beta version was uploaded, the sixth week would be on April 29, which is now considered as the tentative date for the launch of Australis. There are speculations that if this does not push through, it would be more likely that the new UI would released within Firefox 30, which in turn is set to be launched on June 10.

Mozilla’s Australis

Australis is the open source software developer’s latest attempt to streamline its browser’s UI and at the same time standardize it across all possible platforms. The UI makeover would be implemented from the desktop down to the mobile versions of Mozilla. For the desktop, there are versions available for Linux, OS X, and Windows. For mobile, there is Firefox for Android, although it recently shelved the Windows 8.1 version called ‘Metro.’

Mozilla, according to sources, had worked to develop Australis for about two years. It can be noted that many of the visual changes to be presented by Australis are subtle. The makeover would see more rounded tabs, as well as inactive tabs that tend to fade deeper into the background. There is also a revamped customization panel.

The new UI would also dump the traditional orange-colored menu of Firefox on Windows. That element was first initiated in Firefox 4. It has been many years and now, Mozilla has finally decided to let it go.

Not pleasing everyone 

Mozilla has acknowledged that while many users are happy with the new UI design, some are critical about it. The developer has run a survey while Australis was on Aurora.

The company simply said that it would be impossible to please everyone. It said that some users have already expressed their unhappiness towards Australis. It simply disclosed that those negative reactions on the new UI could have been brought by several reasons.

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