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Mozilla Looking to Add a New Revenue Stream by Selling Its Ads in Firefox

Mozilla Looking to Add a New Revenue Stream by Selling Its Ads in Firefox


Mozilla Looking to Add a New Revenue Stream by Selling Its Ads in Firefox

Open-source browser Firefox revealed in the blog post that it is planning to sell its ads for its new tab page. Publishers will have the provision of purchasing the sponsored titles that will be displayed alongside the normal titles that has a clear promoted label.

In the first sight, Mozilla is eager of pre-populating the new tab page. When you usually open the new tab page in Firefox, it is empty and contains the link to the Firefox site. The Firefox uses the browsing history to put up your speed dialing features in the new tab. If there is no history, then the new tab will show up as empty.

For the same reason, Mozilla is trying to put the popular ads in its new tab page by default. Moreover, some spots will be used by promoted tiles.

However, this is just the experimentation to see the reaction of users to include the pre-defined ads in the new tab page of browser before including promoted tiles in their new tab page for all users of the browser.

Google and Firefox have signed an agreement that the Google will be the default search engine for the browser. The two parties entitled in the agreement also share revenue for advertising on Google Adwords Ads.

The attributes of the agreement between Google and Firefox are pretty much evident. It is estimated that the 90% of the revenues of Firefox are generated through Google. As the market share of Firefox is running out, the foundation needs to find a new stream for generating more revenues. As Mozilla used to be one of the large share providers to Firefox, the company may agree on some more points as it has its own browser now. Even more so, Chrome has gained more popularity as compared to Firefox now as it is reaping more revenues.

For a couple of years, Mozilla and the advertising industry have been not in good relations. The foundation launched the do-not-track feature in order to prevent any kind of advertising. When the users choose the foundation, the browser won’t allow the cookies from any third party. This fact has made displaying target ads quite hard on the web. The company went to the extent of blocking the third party websites that you never visited.

Now, Mozilla is planning to have a new deal with the advertisers. It is not clear when the Mozilla is going to reveal the promoted tiles to its new users. The foundation is perhaps planning to talk with the potential advertisers first. It will then take any decision after considering all the aspects in this regard.

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