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Mozilla Launches Version 24 of Firefox with Updates for Its Android App

Mozilla Launches Version 24 of Firefox with Updates for Its Android App


Mozilla Launches Version 24 of Firefox with Updates for Its Android App

Mozilla Launches Version 24 of Firefox with UpdatesMozilla launched its Firefox 24 on Tuesday (September 17). What are unique in this release are the major updates on the browser’s Android version. There are changes that support bump-sharing through near field communication (NFC). The new version of the browser could be downloaded through the official Website of

This release came after the company has recently revealed that the recent ‘Metro’ version of the browser especially for Windows 8 would not push through until January 27, 2014. That would be the launch date for the browser’s Firefox 27. It was originally scheduled for a December 10 debut but Mozilla decided to postpone it for still unknown reasons.

It is noted that there is no major change in the desktop version of the updated browser. However, some users may be excited about the option to close every tab to the right of the present tab. Some users are still arguing about any significance of this added feature. Aside from this, there is no other huge improvement for Firefox 24 especially for desktop users.

Android version changes

To some observers, the biggest changes that came with Firefox 24 were focused on the Android version. The mobile browser has started to offer a quick-share feature that makes it easier to post or email users’ favorite sites, videos, or articles. Firefox for Android would now add frequent services (Facebook, SMS, email, or Twitter) to its menu button automatically.

Bump sharing is enabled, as mentioned. This would benefit users with NFC-enabled smartphones. It is now possible to tap devices to open or share tabs, articles, or directions. Firefox for Android starts support for over 20 languages. Among those added to the list are British-English, Swedish, and Catalan. The Firefox for Android is still available as free download through Google Play.

Other additional features

Mozilla has updated its Reader on Version 24. Users could easily switch between sans serif and serif fonts. There are also light and dark modes. For users to save anything, the Reader should be tapped in the URL bar to post it to the Reading list that is available offline.

Have you heard about video-calling through a browser? The technology known as WebRTC is now available through Firefox 24. If could facilitate real-time interactive communication. The feature is also available on Android version, which is expected to be more widely used.

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