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Mozilla CEO Steps Down Following Controversies over his Anti-Gay Opinion

Mozilla CEO Steps Down Following Controversies over his Anti-Gay Opinion


Mozilla CEO Steps Down Following Controversies over his Anti-Gay Opinion

The pressure must have been too great for Mozilla CEO to endure. Brendan Eich, the newly installed head of the company, has ended his tenure as CEO less than two weeks after his appointment to the top post. His decision came in the wake of a growing controversy over his support to anti-gay marriage bill called Proposition 8 in California.

In her latest blog post, Mozilla executive chair Mitchell Baker explained that the Firefox operator did not ‘stay true to itself’ when it appointed a CEO with that controversial opinion. She reiterated that Mozilla has always have employees that have wide diversity of opinions and views.

She added that within the company is a culture of openness that extends to encouragement of its community to share their personal beliefs and opinions to the discerning public. Ms. Baker asserted that this distinguishes Mozilla from all other organizations.

She said that Mr. Eich’s view on the issue failed to uphold the company’s high standard. Ms. Baker even admitted that for a time, Mozilla did not listen and engage as well as failed to be guided by its own community.

Resigned CEO

Mr. Eich stepped down from his post. As of press time, Mozilla has yet to make any decision regarding the successor to the CEO position. But Ms. Baker committed to make the process transparent and open to the public. She promised to share more details about it in the coming week.

In a statement, she also said that the company will emerge from the experience with ‘renewed understanding and humility.’ She added that Mozilla’s large, global, and diverse community makes the company special and that helps it fulfill its mission.

Anti-gay view

The issue involved the $1,000 donation given by Mr. Eich in 2008 to support Proposition 8, which sought a ban on gay marriages in California. This issue resurfaced in the past weeks when Mr. Eich was installed as CEO of the company. He was also a co-founder of Mozilla.

In an effort to try to control the damage done, Mr. Eich emphasized his commitment to equality. He said he would uphold equality from employment to community building to events. However, he opted not to discuss in public his personal position about gay marriages. This logically led to his fall.

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