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Motosumo: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Sports Tracker

Motosumo: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Sports Tracker
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Motosumo: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Sports Tracker

Most people rely on technology for their daily routines. Some rely on their smartphones for hailing a cab, paying for purchases, check up on their houses etc. So it is not surprising that mobile phone apps for health purposes are also on the rise. Blood testing phones are already being explored last year, so are phones you can smoke with. And if there are apps like that, sports related programs shouldn’t be too far-fetched. That is what Motosumo is here to prove.

The Copenhagen-based company who have teams of scientists study and develop advanced sensor algorithms for sports analysis at universities, training camps, and test centers since 2012. Additionally, the company has also been engaged in leading app developers and designers to bring the technology that its scientists developed into the public’s phone, reports Crunch Base.

The start-up, after spending years on applying the tech to professional sports, physiotherapy, and athletics now wants to make it into the consumer market with fitness and sports tracking applications that can operate without the need for additional external sensors or gadgets.

The company’s technology will instead rely on the array of “inertial” sensors that are found on most modern smartphones, reports Tech Crunch. Co-founder and CEO of Motosumo Kresten Juel Jensen said that the fitness trend appears to be gadgets and more gadgets.

Many apps and gadgets are useful, but “it leaves a big group of everyday athletes without the option to train more intelligently with the advanced analysis offered by separate motion sensors.” This reliance on additional gadgets creates a barrier due to the cost and inconvenience of app installation and use.

Jensen says that having an app that relies on accurate motion sensors of smartphones, combined with their company algorithm, can result to a service at a completely new price and convenience level. In the long run, Motosumo wants to bring its “professional” technology to anybody who has a smartphone. Of course that means that they needed more funds to do so.

This goal is made easier to attain now. According to their site, the Copenhagen company has managed to attract SEED Capital Denmark to invest roughly $500,000 USD into their company. Previously, the VC company has also been the first investor of a social fitness tracker “Edomondo” which was acquired by athletic apparel maker Under Armour for $85 million USD.

In the meantime, the start up’s first app targets indoor cycling or spinning. The user can just mount their handsets on the indoor bicycle’s handle bars and they can just go on their biking fix. The app will be able to display the pedal revolutions per minute in real-time without the use of a “specialist” equipment.

Jensen adds that their app also offers more intuitive ways if visualising data for improved understanding. He also said that their interpretation of a user’s data and explanation of general fitness term is intended to make analysis (even those that are advanced) “easily understood and highly actionable.”

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