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Motorola Reportedly Prepares to Launch New Smartphone called Moto X+1

Motorola Reportedly Prepares to Launch New Smartphone called Moto X+1


Motorola Reportedly Prepares to Launch New Smartphone called Moto X+1

If a leakage of what is supposed to be a planned product to be launched by Motorola is accurate, we may soon expect a new smartphone to be called Moto X+1. The new leak was released this weekend by Twitter leaker using the handle @evleaks, which is most of the time accurate in leaking new products prior to unveiling and launch.

The tweet announced that Moto X+1 would be coming soon. And if some observers would be believed, the launch could be announced within two months time. Additionally, the report implied that the new smartphone would be the successor of Moto X, Motorola’s current flagship handset that was launched in August last year.

Goodbye, Moto X?

Another source has claimed that the original Moto X would soon be discontinued. This was based on speculations that the Motorola smartphone would soon be pulled out from the online catalogues of some popular Internet-based gadget stores.

If this report is true, no one may be surprised. That is because it is already a given fact in the industry that Moto X failed to meet the expectations when it was launched. Apparently, the smartphone failed to make a distinct mark for Motorola, which was acquired by Google Inc last year.

Moto 360 launch

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Moto X+1 could be launched alongside Moto 360, the smartwatch that Motorola is reportedly launching this summer. Some sources claim that the two products could possibly be sold in package or pair to make the gadgets complementary of each other.

But then again, some observers are skeptical about this information. For them, we may soon expect more versions of leaks about the new Moto products to come. Others think that if the new smartphone would be called Moto X+1, the company would have a hard time crafting algebra puns during its marketing efforts.

6-inch phablet

Some observers are even asking if the reported Moto X+1 is the same device that Motorola has been reportedly working on. Last month, some reports emerged that Motorola is about to launch a 6.3-inch phablet or phone and tablet in one.

The 6.3-inch gadget is set to be launched in the third quarter of this year. Some sources initially said that device would be called Xplay. Interestingly, no additional information has been leaked about it since it was first mentioned in reports last month. 

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