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Motorola Relaunches its $349 Moto X Sale on December 4 and December 9

Motorola Relaunches its $349 Moto X Sale on December 4 and December 9


Motorola Relaunches its $349 Moto X Sale on December 4 and December 9

Motorola Relaunches Moto X SaleConsumers who failed to place an order on the $349 Moto X on Cyber Monday would be given more chances to do so. Motorola has just announced that it would bring back the deal on Wednesday and Monday (December 4 and December 9).

Those who intend to take advantage of the special markdown on the handset and specific accessories could simply check out the company’s official Website on the specified dates. Doing so would enable them to finally check out available units and actually place orders or make purchases online.

The deal was supposed to be rolled out exclusively on Cyber Monday. However, the Website crashed that day, leaving many consumers disappointed. Some of them even waited the entire day, hoping that the site would get back but it didn’t. However, before this happened, some orders were already actually filled.

Frustrated customers

Motorola was able to fix the site but many hours were already wasted and a number of potential customers were already disgruntled. That is why the handset manufacturer has decided to relaunch the $349 offer not just in one but in two separate dates. Customers are also entitled to 30% discount on accessories during those days.

The company assured that it would double the total quantity of Moto X phones to be sold during the dates. This is to make sure that most, if not all, of the customers who intend to buy the handset would be able to do so. However, Motorola reminded that the promo is good while supplies last.

Public apology

In line with this, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside issued a public apology for the Website’s failure on Cyber Monday. In a statement, he apologized to Moto X customers and fans who experienced the glitch on the site. This is why the company is trying its best to make up.

Mr. Woodside also humbly admitted that Motorola failed to conduct sufficient measures to test the Website prior to the sale period. He also revealed that the company did not expect to generate overwhelming consumer demand. The Website turned unstable before it finally shut down after being inundated with a great volume of orders.

The Moto X on sale is the unlocked version of the company’s flagship device. The Android smartphone is usually available with two-year subscription contract from major wireless carriers. The developer version of the phone (sold via Verizon) currently costs $549.

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