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Motorola Cuts Moto X Price To Just $339

Motorola Cuts Moto X Price To Just $339


Motorola Cuts Moto X Price To Just $339

Motorola has announced yet another discount for its Moto X in order to sustain the levels of shares and gains in the market. This device is now well within grab of the students. They can easily get it for just $339 as compared to the previous price of $399 off contract or $49 for a new contract of two years.

Furthermore, the customization tool of Moto Maker has a College Collection Design Gallery that features pre-configured color combinations as well as team names and logos for 40 schools and counting.

It must be noted that the images of logos are designed courtesy of clear case by Uncommon and aren’t actually printed onto your handset. If you are getting a handset just for the sake of March madness, you will be glad to know about its removable nature. If you can’t view your favorite team, you can easily mix and match with the new color palette to create the color combination of your choice. Motorola has added three new accents and nine new back colors to its Moto Maker palette just for the occasion.

The lowered prices of Moto X provide wonderful chance to students to order this bamboo-cased wonderful set. At the time of launching, Bamboo added the price of the premium by $100. The price was arguably too high for the people. It was discarded by plenty of people due to its high price and the market of Moto X dropped significantly.

Motorola hit the counter punch by reducing the price of Moto X for enhancing its shares in the market that were drooping very fast. Even if someone has ordered the Moto X before the announcement of the new price, he will get $75 reimbursed at the online store of Motorola.

Comparing the prices of Moto X with those of Samsung and Windows handsets, we find a marked difference with nearly similar specs. This new strategy of Motorola is to undercut the rivals in the market. The major difference in marketing would occur outside USA where people purchase handsets directly without signing the wireless contracts.

The cost of the components inside the Moto X is around $200 that is roughly the same for Galaxy S4. However, Samsung has priced its handset at 50% more price than the Moto X. The reduction is pricing is a slow step in strategic analysis, but quite effective.

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