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Motorola Announces February 1 Launch of Moto X in Europe

Motorola Announces February 1 Launch of Moto X in Europe


Motorola Announces February 1 Launch of Moto X in Europe

Motorola Announces February 1 Launch of Moto X in EuropeThe long wait for Motorola’s Moto X to finally arrive in Europe is near getting over. The Google-owned smartphone manufacturer has just announced plans to launch the flagship handset to Germany, France, and the UK on February 1. The announcement was made through the company’s UK Facebook page.

Currently, Motorola is selling its Moto G in the region. Moto X would be an interesting addition as it is also SIM-free. When it starts selling in the specified European markets, it would be offered for £380 or €399 ($545-$625). With subscription contract, monthly billing may start at £25 ($41) each month.

On its social media announcement, Motorola touted its roots as a pioneer in mobile communications. It also assured that as a Google company, it can now build effective 4G smartphones like Moto X. It has claimed that the handset fuses Motorola’s history of mobile innovation with most of the best features of Google’s mobile capabilities.

European Moto X

The European version of the Moto X would be offered in two colors—black or white. This sets it different from the US version, which takes advantage of Motorola’s Moto Maker customization program that facilitates choosing from various colors and accent options from a list upon online ordering. Such a feature makes the appearance of Moto X more customizable in the US.

There is now word yet if Motorola would also eventually roll out that color customization feature in Europe. But for now, it would roll out the handset in the region in black or white cases. Additionally, Moto X would retain all other outstanding features of the smartphone.

Moto X

Motorola launched Moto X in the US on August 1 last year. The device was introduced as a new sleek handset that comes with a 4.7-inch display with 316 pixels per inch and resolution of 1,280 X 720 pixels. The curved back facilitates more comfortable operation. There is a 10-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing one that includes the autofocus feature and the ability to snap a photo by just a single touch at the screen.

Of course, Moto X to be launched in Europe is still operating on Android, the free mobile operating system from Google. There would be no skin to slow the functions down, clutter the smartphone, or get between the user and the best mobile services available. The Moto X runs on the latest version of Android—4.4 KitKat. It also comes with a 24-hour longer battery life facilitating up to 13 hours of continuous talk time through the 220mAH battery.

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