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Motor Noises Stir Apple’s “Supposedly Secret” Campus

Motor Noises Stir Apple’s “Supposedly Secret” Campus
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Motor Noises Stir Apple’s “Supposedly Secret” Campus

Trouble is brewing for Apple as its top secret testing facility in Sunnyvale, California has been the source of loud noises. The noises happen so late into the night that it managed to anger a resident who lives near the facility, reports Apple Insider.

The sounds are undetermined as of now as the Cupertino company has gone to great lengths to conceal what the source of the sound is. The tech company has also remained silent about the issue. Meanwhile, one neighbour of the tech firm has not and has written a complaint to the city officials over the sound issues.

The resident has written “Do there have to be motor noises at 11:00 p.m. at night like last night? Even with the windows closed I could still hear it.” The facility in the complaint is composed of seven buildings, with an estimated 300,000 square feet size.

One of the buildings with the street number 175 is supposedly home to a mysterious company named SixtyEight Research which is speculated to be a shell corporation for the iPhone maker to conceal its real purpose or intentions. Major renovations are also reported to be in progress at the said compound. Included in the said “ongoing” renovations are supposedly an auto work area and a repair garage.

There are reports that shipments related to Apple’s Project Titan have been placed at the Sunnyvale campus; which is about a minute away from the 1 infinite headquarters. And supposedly, the Apple project is based on a building known within the insiders as the “SG5.”

But still these reports remain speculations as up until now, like always the Cupertino company is keeping its mouth shut. Meanwhile, several proofs, like additional permits for construction inside the buildings involve, states that it is for improvements done for Apple.

There is still no update on what happened to the complaint and what the company did to resolve the issue if it was already resolved. There lies the mystery still.

Project Titan, according to Tech Times, is the Cupertino company’s plan to manufacture its own autonomous and/or electric cars. Though this is still not confirmed, the company’s action fuel rumors that this may be the truth.

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