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Moto G4 Plus Leaks Android O Instead Of Android N?

Moto G4 Plus Leaks Android O Instead Of Android N?
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Moto G4 Plus Leaks Android O Instead Of Android N?

Google has yet to name the Android N firmware but there are now reports about new mobile OS Android O. Motorola has spilled the details that one of its devices will be running on Android N and Android O. What has Google up its sleeves?

Is Android O Coming?

Google has not released the Android N officially yet to all intended devices, but there are already hints of a new mobile OS in tow. According to reports, a Moto G4 Plus ad revealed that the smartphone will be in line to receive both the Android N and the next Android O firmware.

According to Softpedia, Android O could be a code name for another version of an Android update that will succeed Android N. Looking at Google’s naming scheme for the past years, Google has chosen the same name for its Android open source OS starting its third software release.

However, some believe that it could be too early to have another mobile OS in tow, considering that not all OEMs are done with Android 6.0 Marshmallow update and other iterations.

No Official Word Yet

According to Phone Arena, there have been 11 consecutive builds that followed the naming and alphabetical scheme including the Android N update. The report also added that such leak from Motorola could be bad news, since Google has not even discussed plans yet for the Android O. Motorola has been known for skipping phone updates that were already outdated based from date of release.

A lot of reports, though, seem to be sure about one thing: it’s highly likely that Google will still go for a dessert name. Neither Google nor Android has released any information about the said Android O software. All information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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