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‘Mother’s Day’ Movie Flop: Julia Roberts No Longer An A-lister Actress?

‘Mother’s Day’ Movie Flop: Julia Roberts No Longer An A-lister Actress?
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‘Mother’s Day’ Movie Flop: Julia Roberts No Longer An A-lister Actress?

Garry Marshall’s film “Mother’s Day” was an early treat for all mothers released in the US April 29. The film however, received horrendous reviews on its release, making people question Julia Roberts’ status an A-lister actress. Julia Roberts is seemingly unaffected though because she reportedly earned $3 million for only four days of work!

Julia Roberts became a household name because of her successful movies like “Pretty Woman”, “The Runaway Bride”, and “Erin Brockovich” just to name a few. To have Julia Roberts play a supporting role is quite unheard of until the new film “Mother’s Day.”

In the new film “Mother’s Day,” she only had a supporting role that required her to shoot her scenes for four days only. This does not mean she got paid a parltry sum though. Variety has learned that she earned $3 million for the said movie for only just a few days of shoot. And that still puts her in the top- earning actresses in Hollywood with a rate of $750,000 per day based on what she earned in the movie.

“Mother’s Day” only garnered a $8.3 Million over the weekend and it was a disconcerting reminder that Robert’s glorious days as an A-lister actress could be over. “If you love your mother, do not make her see this movie,” Entertainment Weekly wrote in its review. The movie was given a D for its “offensive comments, choppy dialogue, lifeless jokes” and other flaws.

According to Variety, it was evident on her recent flop films like “The Secrets in Their Eyes” and “Mirror Mirror.” However, it would still be too early to tell the fate of the film and the ticket sales could still go up as it will be showing until Mother’s Day.

Moreover, Roberts was also in a mashup film “Valentine’s Day” by Marshall in 2010 and she helped it to turn into a successful hit with only a six- minute screen time appearance. At the time, she also earned $3 million. The film grossed $110 million at the domestic box office for Warner Bros.

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