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Mother Gets 20 Years To Life For Poisoning Own Son

Mother Gets 20 Years To Life For Poisoning Own Son
Image from Flickr by Amy


Mother Gets 20 Years To Life For Poisoning Own Son


Image from Flickr by Amy

An American woman named Lacey Spears has been sentenced 20 years to life in jail for killing her 5-year-old son by poisoning him with salt. Lacey, 27, a resident of a Scottsville, Ky., was pronounced guilty after a 14-day trial.

“Her actions that day, they were inhuman. They were despicable. They were evil,” Doreen Lloyd, Westchester County’s assistant district attorney, said in court.

Spears administered the murder of her son by adding salt into his feeding tube. It was concluded that she is mentally ill and that she committed the crime to gain online attention.

Spears often wrote about her sick son on a blog.

The maximum penalty of second-degree murder is actually 25 years.

“There’s not a sympathy factor here,” William Aronwald, a criminal defense lawyer, said, as quoted by USA Today. “The judge heard all the evidence. What reason would there be (to show mercy) given that the jury found she killed her child?”

Garnett died at Westchester Medical Centre in 2014. He was being treated for gastrointestinal symptoms, which Spears had aggravated via his feeding tube.

When Spears took her son to the hospital, doctors found that his sodium level was tremendously high. Spears told doctors that Garnett had been using a feeding tube since infancy.

Assistant district attorney Doreen Lloyd said, “She continued to portray him as a sick child for her own bizarre need for attention.

“She used that feeding tube as a weapon to kill him.”

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