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‘Most Important Woman at Google’ Takes the Helm at YouTube

‘Most Important Woman at Google’ Takes the Helm at YouTube


‘Most Important Woman at Google’ Takes the Helm at YouTube

Google Inc has announced the appointment of Susan Wojcicki, ex-senior vice president of ads and commerce, as the new head of YouTube. She would succeed Salar Kamangar, the current chief executive of the video-sharing unit.

The giant technology firm disclosed that Mr. Kamangar will be assigned to another role within the company. However, that position is yet to be specified. Google CEO Larry Page did not miss this opportunity to recognize and thank him for his contribution in keeping YouTube a strong asset to the firm.

In a statement, Mr. Page said Mr. Kamangar and the rest of the YouTube team has been ‘amazing.’ The Google CEO later assured that he also has confidence in Ms. Wojcicki. He said he knows that she also has ‘healthy disregard for the impossible.’ Ms. Wojcicki is expected to institute new improvements in the Website that its users would surely love.

Speaking about her appointment

Ms. Wojcicki confirmed this appointment herself through her own Twitter account. In her latest tweet, she said she is just excited to join the video-sharing site. She commended YouTube for having a wonderful team, inspiring creators, and an amazing community.

She is taking over the responsibilities at YouTube at a time when the Website is still leading the pack in video-sharing services. Several changes had been introduced in the site in the past; some were hits and others were misses.

‘Most important woman at Google’

Ms. Wojcicki has always been considered as ‘the most important woman at Google.’ She was cited for almost 90% of the $50 billion revenue posted by the search engine giant in 2012. She is taking the reins at the video-sharing division that recently reported ad revenue worth $5.6 billion. Her leadership is expected to mount more commerce opportunities to help bolster the business’ figures.

She has always been a part of Team Google, even during its start. Ms. Wojcicki was there when Google co-founders Mr.Page and Sergey Brin were just starting out the company at a garage in 232 Santa Margarita Ave, Menlo Park.

She rose to become the 16th hired executive of Google. She even was the company’s first ever marketing manager. Incidentally, she was sister-in-law of Mr. Brin. Anne Wojcicki, her sister and Mr. Brin’s estranged wife, made a name for herself by establishing 23and Me. The transition at YouTube is expected to happen soon.

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