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More From The GOP Debate

More From The GOP Debate
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More From The GOP Debate

The GOP Debate continued with Republican presidential candidates arguing over a number of pressing issues in the country.

The GOP Debate continued with Republican presidential candidates arguing over a number of pressing issues in the country. And of course, leading candidate Donald Trump is not taking any criticism from his opponents sitting down.

Continuing on with Trump, he went on to explain (amid interruptions from Jeb Bush), “We need the toughness. We need strength. We’re not respected as a nation anymore. We don’t have that level of respect that we need. And if we don’t get that back fast, we’re just ‘gonna go weaker.” Meanwhile, a group of Rand Paul supporters inside the debate venue booed Trump quite audibly while a woman in the audience also shouted, “Get him (Trump), Jeb!”

Meanwhile, Bush was not the only one Trump took hits from. Rand Paul questioned Trump’s candidacy, specifically whether he is a “serious candidate” or not. Paul explained, “If you are going to kill the families of the terrorists, realize that there is something called the Geneva Convention we’re ‘gonna have to pull out of.” Meanwhile, Paul also referred to Bush’s suggestion to censor the internet as “getting rid of the first amendment.” Finally, he remarked, “So when you ask yourself, whoever you are that think you’re going to support Donald Trump, think do you believe in the constitution. Are you going to change the constitution?”

At the same time, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also sparred during the debate. Cruz referred to increased surveillance as mere “hogwash,” as the junior Texas senator explained, “We get so distracted by all the information, we’re not spending enough time getting (specific immigration,) specific information on terrorists.” Cruz also believes that “stricter controls” on those who came to U.S. could have stopped 9/11 and the recent San Bernardino shootings. Furthermore, he also pointed out that Rubio “cannot have it both ways,” being “great and strong on national defense” but also being the “weakest of all the candidates on immigration.”

Rubio fired back saying that only 10 people had voted on the bill Paul introduced last week calling for further security and scrutiny. Moreover, Rubio also pointed out that the man responsible for the San Bernardino terror attacks was an American citizen, and that getting “five years of his records” would have helped see who he had been working with.

Political analysts have said that of all candidates who took to the GOP Debate to win more support, it was Ben Carson who fell short. Also, the closing remarks by Jeb Bush could have been better. Nonetheless, Bush believes that Trump’s rise in the polls will not continue. The leading Republican Presidential candidate also said that he intends to stay with the Republican party.

Another thing that did not go unnoticed throughout the GOP Debate is the fact that one candidate frequently coughed onstage, but off-camera. That was reportedly Ben Carson. Meanwhile, Trump said he had “a good time” in tonight’s debate.

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