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Moov: Personal Training Fitness Gadget Coming This Summer

Moov: Personal Training Fitness Gadget Coming This Summer


Moov: Personal Training Fitness Gadget Coming This Summer

It’s the age of fitness trackers and health apps. There has been no end to the fitness based Android and iPhone apps. Apart from the software, the industry has inched towards the best wearables that are now working as the fitness tracking devices. All you need to do is just to tie around the fitness gadgets and they will calculate your calories burn during the running sessions, heartbeat, cholesterol, fats burnt, weight loss and so much more. But now, there is something else coming, something bigger than just fitness trackers.

Android and iPhone is going to feature an alluring fitness tracker that will be more of a “fitness personal trainer”. The gadget is dubbed as “Moov” and is scheduled to come this summer.

Up till now, the market has seen many fitness gadgets that are just passive wearable devices. They just stick to your wrist, neck or body and calculate the fitness attributes. Moov will train you, push you, and tell you how much you need to burn those calories. Moov, which is just announced, will take the data from the body just like any other fitness gadget and then it will relay it to your phone for processing, and uses what it knows about you and your goals coach you on exercising better.

Experts have worked on the bodies of athletes and trainers to train and program Moov based on the smart algorithms which will make Moov a perfectly suitable device for doing exercises with safety and optimal performance.

Moov can easily teach you how to box, swim, bike, and exercise like them. Moov is trained on each and every aspect of fitness exercises. Moov takes the data and then orders you to do certain exercises and moves based on the best available space. It can create the best diet plans, mile run plans and exercises guides.

Moov is scheduled to be launched this summer for iPhone and the Android version of this fitness gadget will be rolled out this fall. Moov will have an amazing social media integration to make you compete with your friends. Price is still not announced but experts say that a very hefty price tag will stick around this amazing personal training gadget.

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