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MOOV Chair: Sitting Is All That It Takes To Charge Your Phone

MOOV Chair: Sitting Is All That It Takes To Charge Your Phone
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MOOV Chair: Sitting Is All That It Takes To Charge Your Phone

Mobile devices are a fad that will stay for a long time despite reports that the industry is dying. Products that are used in conjunction with smartphones are also as widespread. One of the new projects created for mobile phones is the MOOV Chair.

The said chair is created in order to provide another means of charging a user’s mobile phone and all these without having to spend additional bills on electricity. Yes you’ve read that right, because while you will need electricity to charge your phone, you need not necessarily plug in your phone to the nearest socket as you need only this chair.

The MOOV Chair, according to the Nteugels tumblr, which PSFK has translated for English readers, makes charging devices possible through the “presence of piezoelectric crystals or pressure sensors” in the chair which turns human energy onto electricity.

Basically, the idea of this one of a kind product is to convert kinetic energy or the energy given off by humans into electricity which will charge the owner’s devices. So how does this work? It works with the user plugging in their USB connector and then sitting down on the said chair to activate its built-in sensors.

Once the user has sat on the chair, they must constantly move or wiggle in the chair to be able to create a power flow which will then revert the energy as electricity to charge the device, reports Digital Trends. The MOOV Chair is the latest product by Dutch designer Nathalie Teugels who said that the concept of the chair came to her through a personal story of hyperactivity and ADHD.

Teugels revealed to Design Boom that when she was a child, she heard the command “sit still” a lot, and because of this memory, she wanted to design something that she can connect to her childhood. At the same, time she wanted to be able to have something that will channel her extra energy into something that can use it in a more productive way.

And that is how the charging chair came to be – the furniture she created where one cannot sit still but instead needs constant moving. Teugels also said that the chair is designed especially for those who have the “habit of tapping their feet on the ground the whole time, or simply moving on the chair constantly.”

The “move to charge” has a structure made of cantilevered steel frame. The arm rest comes with two different power outlets built into it plus a battery pack which can harness the “sitter’s” movements even when there is no phone connected. Gizmodo reports that while the MOOV Chair is still a prototype it is already a functional one.

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