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Mom Shares Labor To Love Journey After 6 Losses

Mom Shares Labor To Love Journey After 6 Losses
From Labor to Love Jess and Kevin Mahoney Facebook

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Mom Shares Labor To Love Journey After 6 Losses

Every birth story is unique and special. For Kevin and Jess Mahoney, it is extra special after the couple suffered several losses. This time, they made sure that every moment will be captured.

Thanks to two creative photographers, JoAnn Marrero (From Labor to Love) and Mary Maloney (Pebbles & Polkadots Photography), Jess and Kevin have the perfect maternity photo session.

The Mahoney couple has an older son Corbin, who is now 4 years old. They hired a photographer during Jess’ pregnancy with Corbin but none of the photos were delivered. As they tried to conceive and give Corbin a sibling, things turned tragic after they underwent from one miscarriage to another.

It was getting painful for the family. Jess and Kevin underwent clinical tests but doctors could not explain what went wrong. Jess remained strong and courageous, until the couple succeeded for a second pregnancy.

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Kevin wants Jess’ maternity photo session to be perfect.

“I was touched by Kevin’s words and his goal of making sure that, this time, his wife would get all the maternity photos that she always dreamed of having.  Jess wanted something rainbow-inspired because of the many fertility struggles she and Kevin had encountered, and so I knew I had to do something extra special for her family”, Marrero shared.

As a birth and newborn photographer, Marrero understands that she cannot afford to take second shots. Every moment is precious and it’s a celebration of life.

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Preparations were made for Jess’ maternity session. Marrero collaborated with Maloney to come up with the perfect shots to celebrate a family’s journey to happiness after several losses.

“One by one, each smoke bomb was set (not without some duds, too) and with each burst of color we watched this portrait coming to life behind my lens”, Marrero described, “as if we were shooting a Skittles commercial, but sweeter.”

Indeed, it was picture perfect. Jess radiates in her dress and with the color outburst in her background, one can only feel the excitement, joy, and love.

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