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Mom Kills Her Two Kids To ‘Save Them From Evils Of The World’

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Mom Kills Her Two Kids To ‘Save Them From Evils Of The World’

30-year-old mother Claudena Marie Helton had admitted to killing her two young children during an interview with detectives on Thursday. Helton said she had murdered her children in order to “save them from the evils of the world.”

Helton shot her children – 8-year-old Khmorra and 6-year-old Kaiden – on Thursday. According to the police, Helton had shot both of her children while inside their home. Afterward, she brought both of them out to the front yard. First responders then found the children. They both sustained gunshot wounds to the head. Meanwhile, police also recovered a handgun inside their residence on Lori Sue Avenue.

Following the incident, the children were said to be in critical condition. On Sunday, both of Helton’s children died while at the Dayton Children’s Hospital on Sunday.

In the past, Helton had also faced charges involving children. Back in March 2014, Helton was convicted of disorderly conduct in the Montgomery County Juvenile Court. According to a report from WHIO, an investigation against Helton by Montgomery County Children Services had been active and open at the time of the incident. Following the shootings, the agency said it is “truly disturbed” by the tragedy.

There was a history of abuse involving the children.

Moreover, another report from WHIO also stated that Khmorra’s teacher once noticed bruises on her arms while at school. The child also reportedly told her classmates that the said bruises hurt. She also suffered from marks and swelling on her cheek. Aside from this, the young girl also suffered from a bruise on her chest and discoloration on her left thigh. According to Khmorra, her mother had hit her with the buckle end of a belt. Authorities photographed all of Khmorra’s injuries as evidence.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Associated Press, there was another child present inside the residence at the time of the shooting. This was said to be Helton’s 11-year-old daughter who was unhurt in the incident. According to a report from Dayton Daily News, Helton had asked her oldest child to help remove the children from the home.

Helton’s initial charges did not reflect children’s deaths.

Initially, Helton faced charges of felonious assault and attempted murder. The said charges may be revised following the children’s deaths. Helton’s preliminary hearing is set for May 30. Municipal Court Judge Christopher Roberts set a bond for Helton amounting to $1 million. Helton pleaded not guilty to her initial charges.

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