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Christy Sheats, Taylor & Madison: Photos & Facts About Mom Who Killed Daughters

Christy Sheats, Taylor & Madison: Photos & Facts About Mom Who Killed Daughters
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Christy Sheats, Taylor & Madison: Photos & Facts About Mom Who Killed Daughters

Texas mother Christy Byrd Sheats was fatally shot by the police after she refused to put her gun down. This was after she had shot her two daughters, both of which would end up dying as the result of their injuries. It is a senseless tragedy that has left a family distraught. In the wake of the tragedy, many wonder how one mother could kill her daughters in cold blood.

It was Friday afternoon when the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office began receiving several 911 calls regarding shots fired in the area of Westheimer Lakes-North. When officers from Fort Bend County and Fulshear Police Department arrived on the scene, they came upon two victims lying on the street; both of them had been shot.

Meanwhile, the armed shooter was said to be on the street. Christy was asked to drop her weapon, but she never did. A Fulshear officer shot and killed the Texas mother. Following the shooting, one of Christy’s daughters was pronounced dead, while the other one was barely clinging to life as she was transported via Life Flight. That daughter would soon succumb to injuries.

In the end, a father lost his entire family one Friday afternoon. He was reportedly at home when the incident occurred and had to be taken to the hospital afterwards. Reports indicate that he begged his wife not to go through with her plans to shoot their children. He had tried to appeal to her saying, “Don’t do this. They’re our kids.”

Weeks leading up to the incident, Christy seemed to be a typical mother who posted about various things on her Facebook page. She pointed out that a rainbow would end in a Baptist church and a Cracker barrel when you live in the south. And earlier this year, she talked about attending a Keith Urban concert.

In February, Christy said she had been admitted in the hospital as she suffered from a “severe edema (swelling) from head to toe.” This apparently happened as a result of being bitten by a black widow spider.

A few days before that, she spoke about how she terribly missed her mom who had already passed away. Her birthday was during Valentine’s Day. Back in January, she told her daughters and her husband, Jason, that they would be trying a roller coaster soon. Just two days later, she made it known that she is a proud gun owner.

During Daughter’s Day last year, Christy talked about how “amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful” and  “intelligent” her daughters are.

“I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know,” she wrote.

According to a report from ABC13, witnesses saw Taylor Sheats, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17, running out of their home with their father. The young girls were already wounded. As they ran, neighbors saw Taylor collapse on the street. Christy went outside with a gun then back inside the home to reload. When she re-emerged, she reportedly shot Madison in the back. Reports indicate that Christy and Jason were recently united, and that the shooting seem to have occurred during Jason’s birthday.

Prior to their deaths, the girls seemed to have been living a carefree life. Madison was a babysitter who always had a dazzling smile in her photos while Taylor worked as a cheerful caregiver at

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