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Mom Who Joined Holland Tunnel ‘Vigilante’: Kimberly Arendt Photos & Facts

Mom Who Joined Holland Tunnel ‘Vigilante’: Kimberly Arendt Photos & Facts
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Mom Who Joined Holland Tunnel ‘Vigilante’: Kimberly Arendt Photos & Facts

On Wednesday, three suspects caught on a supposed vigilante mission were found with an arsenal of weapons at the Holland Tunnel entrance.

Police said that Dean Smith, 53, of Zionsville, John Cramsey, 50, and Kimberly Arendt, 29, from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, were arrested on several gun charges.

According to New York Daily News, the trio had claimed that they were heading towards New York in order to rescue a scared teen. They had also said that the teenager was trapped in a Brooklyn drug den.

It was reported that the three will be spending another night in jail after they had pleaded not guilty .

Kimberly Arendt, also known as Kimberly Walker, is a mother from Pennsylvania. Arendt is the daughter of the Robert Walker and Michele Plocinik.

According to a dean’s list announcement from 2010, at Lincoln Technical Institute, she was previously married to a man named Gary Arendt.

Their marital relationship ended and her formed husband now lives in Maine.

Kimberly once posted on her Facebook page, saying she’s engaged to another man named Joe Neff. Currently she also has custody of her daughter from her previous marriage.

It was reported that Joe also has a son from a previous relationship. The publication mentioned that the family lives together in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

She joined John Cramsey’s anti-drug vigilante unit Enough is Enough.

Michele Plocinik, Kimberley’s mother, said that her daughter was a recovering addict. She also stated that Kimberly has always been trying to channel her own fights to help troubled youth over the years.

She even took one into her home.

“John Cramsey has been putting people in rehab with his own money. When he got the call, I’m telling you, this guy is all for helping people, and I’m telling you, he’s going,” said Michele Plocinik.

She also believed that the three shouldn’t be sitting in jail. She said that the three of them should be acting as aids to kids on drugs and should help them off the street.

A woman known as Martha Kane posted on the Enough Is Enough Facebook page paying a tribute to Kimberly.

“Kim and my daughter cheered together in high school Kim has reached out to my daughter seeing that she was doing so good and wanting to help her in any way possible…” Kane said.

According to Kane, Kim is a fine girl with a big heart. Kane said that she knew Kimberly for years, because she was in the same high school with Kane’s daughter.

Moments before the vigilante trio got nabbed, Kimberly wrote on her Facebook profile: “Saving a life with a true hero.. Why? Because Enough is Enough.”

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