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Mom Gives Birth Inside A Nebraska Zoo

Justin And Kymica Hubbard With Baby Drea Facebook

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Mom Gives Birth Inside A Nebraska Zoo

Kymica Hubbard had been at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium for one reason. She badly wanted to have her baby already. Little she did know she would have her baby even before she could leave.

Kymica’s pregnancy adventure started when she and her husband Justin made the decision to head to the zoo in order to speed her delivery timeline up. Her original due date was still going to be on Mother’s Day so the couple thought there would be no problem with spending an afternoon at the zoo. They had been walking around the area on Saturday and Sunday along with Justin’s two other children and the couple’s one-year-old son.

Kymica started to suspect that she was going into labor while they were enjoying a ride on the zoo train. “We were on the train, and I was telling my husband and my mother that I was having contractions, and they were getting closer and closer together,” Kymica said, according to a report from “He kept telling me I’m over-exaggerating: ‘Just calm down and relax.'”

After the train ride, Kymica did try her best to relax. At that instant though, she also knew she won’t even make it to the car in time to deliver. The moment Kymica started walking up a hill with Justin, her water broke. That’s when they realized the baby was coming immediately.

Kymica delivered her baby standing up.

” I got, like, five more steps and I was, like, ‘Her head, her head,’” Kymica recalled. ” And he said ‘What do you mean “her head”?’ … Then he was, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, she’s having the baby.’” The next thing they knew, Kymica had already delivered their newborn baby girl. She gave birth to baby Drea while standing up. As she did, Justin managed to catch their baby although he admits he never planned for this kind of birthing scenario. ” I mean, I went to (certified nursing assistant) classes, but I wasn’t set up for this,” Justin explained. Ready or not, Justin decided to immediately wrap Drea up in a sweater.

Meanwhile, other visitors at the zoo saw Kymica giving birth. One woman rushed over and said she was a nurse. She offered her help. Meanwhile, the zoo’s nurse Krystal Hartmann also responded. She was initially told that there was a woman in labor. As she got there though, she realized Kymica had already given birth. “I showed up, but they had taken care of it. So my job was waiting until 911 got there and making sure the baby and mom were safe.”

After her birth, both mother and daughter were taken to Nebraska Medicine. The two are both doing well and recently, Nebraska Medicine announced that they were already being discharged. Before they left though, the staff from Nebraska Medicine’s Office of Development surprised Kymica and Drea with a new car seat.

It looks like everything is now well for the Hubbard family. At the same time, Kymica’s experience inspired the whole bunch to start a new tradition. “We’re going to the zoo. We’re planning on having (her birthday) annually at the zoo,” Justin remarked.

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