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Moldy Tommee Tippee Cups Outrage Parents

Moldy Tommee Tippee Cups Outrage Parents
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Moldy Tommee Tippee Cups Outrage Parents

Baby products manufacturer Tommee Tippee is facing immense criticism and outrage from parents after pictures showing mold in their sippy cups went viral on Facebook.

First posted on the social media website by Marie-Pier S. L’Hostie, the pictures show an orange cup of her friend, Simon O’kanada. Concerned over his kid’s poor health over a long period of time, O’kanada opened the top of the cup and discovered visible mold. He said that mold was visible only upon cracking open the anti-leak spout. The story was also shared by Penny Powell, also posting pictures of cups the mold was found in. Pictures posted by L’Hostie have been shared over 45,000 times.

While Tommee Tippee was responding to complaints on Facebook, more stories from concerned parents about finding molds in their cups started emerging, according to BuzzFeed. According to a review posted on Amazon, mold was found inside a cup. The review, posted in October, is titled, “Poor design. Health hazard. Avoid.”

Tommee Tippee North America’s Facebook page was flooded with posts from parents about their concerns regarding mold. In a statement sent by Tommee Tippee UK to Tribune Broadcasting via Fox 40 on Wednesday, the company highlighted how their cups are tested “extensively.”

The manufacturer issued a statement aimed at shedding light on what could have caused the mold. The tests support that when used with recommended liquids (cold, light fluids including water and non-pulp juices) and cleaned in line with instructions, there are no problems,” the statement read. “Difficulties have arisen though when liquids that are not recommended for use in the cups have been used, like thick formula milk, pulpy juice and warm liquids. We also recommend that cups are not left for long periods before being cleaned,” the statement added.

The Centers for Disease Control states that mold exposure could result in health hazards like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. According to NuspinKids, parents are advised to thoroughly clean their cups after every use. The cup, the website notes, should be disassembled and each part should be washed with soap and warm water, and then dried.

Mon ami se demandait pourquoi son fils était toujours malade il a donc briser l’anti-fuite de son verre à bec Tommee…

Posted by Penny Powell on Friday, February 19, 2016

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