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Modder Creates and Sells Laptop-style Xbox Ones for $1,500

Modder Creates and Sells Laptop-style Xbox Ones for $1,500


Modder Creates and Sells Laptop-style Xbox Ones for $1,500

Modder Creates and Sells Laptop-style Xbox Ones for $1,500Ed Zarick of was previously known for turning Xbox 360s into what he calls Xbook 360s which is an Xbox 360 in a custom laptop-style case with an LCD screen. Now he’s doing the same with Xbox One.

In a post on his site, Zarick details coming up with the Xbook One and what he’s improved over the Xbook 360. As stated in his post, Zarick started by using a new screen for the Xbook One. Instead of the 19-inch 720p LCD screen found on the Xbook 360, the Xbook One will feature a 22-inch 1080p resolution LED screen. The new screen is also slimmer which makes the whole laptop around 0.25-inches thinner. He uses a custom-made LCD LVDS cable to connect the screen to the Xbox One inside the Xbook One and he’s moved the screen’s built-in speakers to the front of the base unit to minimize the size of the screen. Other custom interior parts Zarick used for the Xbook One also include a custom 3D-printed fan shroud.

To create the custom laptop-style case for the Xbook One, Zarick uses a mix of 3D printed materials and laser-cut acrylic including the aforementioned custom fan shroud. Customers can choose between black or white acrylic for the body and a slew of colors for the corners and accents of the Xbook One including Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Copper, Silver, Grey, Orange, White, Purple, and Pink. Users can also opt to have an extra HMDI Out port (the stock one is used for the screen) at an additional cost of $50.00. The rest of the ports found on the Xbox One can still be found on the Xbook One.

According to Zarick, making an Xbook One will take 2-3 weeks considering the long queue of orders and he will require a flat non-refundable deposit of $750. He also ships the Xbook One at a flat shipping rate of $75.00 for US addresses. Additionally, he provides a 30-day warranty for any non-user caused problems. Interested customers can get the Xbook One with or without Kinect at $1,495.00 and $1,395.00, respectively.

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