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Mobile Traffic Accounts for almost Half of Total Online Traffic during Holiday

Mobile Traffic Accounts for almost Half of Total Online Traffic during Holiday


Mobile Traffic Accounts for almost Half of Total Online Traffic during Holiday

Mobile TrafficThe recent Christmas shopping season indicated a new trend in online traffic. According to data from the yearly IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, mobile traffic finally reached its record peak during the season. It accounted for 48% of total Internet traffic during the period. That was a 28.3% rise from 2012. This annual analytics benchmark is known for being the sole cloud-based and real-time digital analytics platform in the industry.

The chunk of that browsing was actually facilitated by smartphones, which account for 28.5% of total online traffic. Tablets account for 18.1% of overall traffic during the period. Online shopping jumped 16.5% compared to the rate last year. In terms of Internet-based purchases, 19.4% of actual purchases made online were coursed through tablets. Smartphone users who actually bought online goods account for 9.3% of actual purchases.

Interestingly, tablet users also tended to spend more. On the average, they spent $95.61 per order. That compares to the average spending of smartphone users of about $85.11 per order.

Apple devices dominate online purchases

What is more interesting about the findings of the study is that online shopping this season was not just influenced by the type of device. It was discovered that Apple device users tend to spend more using their mobile devices. They also spend more on online shopping purchases.

According to IBM, holiday sales online were up to five times more likely to be closed using Apple gadgets compared to Android devices. The iOS mobile operating system unsurprisingly accounted for 23% of total online purchases during the period. That compares to Google Android OS, which drove only 4.6% of online sales.

On the average, users of iOS spent about $93.94 per order. That is nearly twice the amount spent by Android users, who spend an average of $48.10 per order. iOS also ruled the overall traffic on major e-tail Websites, as it drove 32.6% of traffic compared to Android’s 14.8%.

Ads and referrals

Another interesting finding of the study was the trend on online advertisements. IBM reported that online shoppers that were referred from Facebook spent an average of $72.01 per order. Those referred from Pinterest averaged greater at $86.83 per order.

But accordingly, Facebook referrals were able to convert sales at close to four times the rate of referrals from Pinterest. This indicates that there is definitely stronger confidence among consumers in social network recommendations.

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