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Misty Snow: First Major Party Transgender Nominee For Senate, Photos & Facts About Her

Misty Snow: First Major Party Transgender Nominee For Senate, Photos & Facts About Her
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Misty Snow: First Major Party Transgender Nominee For Senate, Photos & Facts About Her

“There are some that claim that Utah is not ready for a candidate like me, but I strongly disagree. Utah is not only ready but in desperate need of a Senator exactly like me.” These are the words of Misty K. Snow, a proud Utah native and an even prouder transgender.

Snow is greatly concerned by how badly income inequality affects people of color, women and those in the LGBT community. This is one of the reasons she has decided to run for the U.S. Senate.

Snow has clear reasons as to why she chose to run. “Our country is failing its citizens on issue after issue,” she explained. She asserted that congress has been “unwilling” to address the issues because those in the U.S. Congress are people who primarily “have never been poor and do not understand the needs of the lower and middle classes.” This is why Snow has come up with various platforms to address a wide range of issues in the country.

Among Snow’s causes of is clean air. In Utah, coal happens to account for almost 80 percent of total electricity produced in the state. The problem is, coal contains high levels of mercury, which then contaminates the state’s air and water.

To change this, Snow proposes directly taxing institutions the contribute to this kind of pollution. Afterwards, the funds obtained from this will be used to invest in cleaner sources of energy.

Aside from this, Snow wants to push for women’s rights to have an abortion. According to her, the World Health Organization reported that as much as 47,000 women die every year due to complications from unsafe abortion procedures. Therefore, a woman’s right to have access to safe and legal abortion must be protected.

On the other hand, Snow wants to fight to give the LGBT community better access to healthcare, as discrimination has led to poor health and in some cases, death. Of standing up for the LGBT community, Snow said, “While I’m not running on the basis of being a trans woman, my experiences as a trans woman have given me the empathy to understand the struggles of groups that feel that the American Dream is out of reach. I’m running to give a voice to the voiceless.”

At the recent Democratic Senate Primary in Utah, Snow has been declared the winner with 59.4 percent of the votes. According to a tally from Politico, she had won as much as 27,138. Meanwhile, her opponent, Jonathan Swinton only got 40.6 percent of the votes or 18,530.

Today, Misty is focusing her efforts on making sure that she defeats Republican Mike Lee during the General Election in November.

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