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Mister Donut Introduces New Matcha Donut Flavors

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Mister Donut Introduces New Matcha Donut Flavors

One popular donut chain has decided to celebrate its love of matcha in six different ways.

Japanese donut company Mister Donut is taking its love for green tea or matcha one step further. This time, the fast food chain decided to come up with new donut flavors, each one celebrating green tea in a donut like never before.

To make the new green tea or matcha flavors possible, Mister Donut in Japan teamed up with Gion Tusjiri. The company has been around for 150 years and is known for its wide array of tea products in Japan. One of these is matcha or green tea powder.

New green tea donuts to excite the palate.

In celebration of the partnership, Mister Donut prepared six matcha donut flavors. The first one is known as the Shiratama Matcha donut. Here, a brown sugar and yeast donut gets sliced open and spread with whipped green tea cream. Afterwards, the donut gets topped with red bean paste. It is then finished off with a single piece of shiratama, a round mochi-style delight made with glutinous rice flour.

If you love mochi so much, you can also try the Warabi Mochi Matcha. This time, the yeast and brown sugar donut gets sliced open and spread with bittersweet matcha chocolate spread. Afterwards, the donut also gets a generous piping of soy milk whip. When this is done, it is finished off with a piece of warabi mochi. According to a report from Rocket News 24, this mochi is coated in roasted soybean flour before being placed on the donut.

On the other hand, you may also want to try the Adzuki Matcha Whip. This features a plain yeasted donut that has been halved before getting generous spreads of both red bean paste and whipped green tea cream. Once the top part of the donut is put on, the donut gets a good sprinkling of soybean sugar.

Another simple donut is the Matcha Soy Milk Whip. This time, a plain yeast donut gets filled with whipped soy cream in the middle before getting dusted with icing sugar. The donut is finished off with a slight dip in bittersweet green tea chocolate icing.

On the other hand, something fun to eat would be the Pon de Ring Premium Matcha. It’s a light ring donut frosted with bittersweet matcha chocolate. Aside from this, diners can enjoy the Premium Matcha Fusion. Here’s Mister Donut’s old-fashioned donut gets drizzled with matcha chocolate on one side.

There are new green drinks available too.

Aside from these matcha donut flavors, Mister Donut has come up with two new matcha drinks. First up is the Matcha au Lait. It’s made with Gion Tusjiri green tea mixed with milk. Aside from this, there’s also the Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip. Here, premium green tea is topped with creamy soy milk whipped cream.

If you happen to be in Japan, be sure to try these matcha treats real soon. These new flavors and drinks will only be available until mid-May.

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