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Mistaken Identity: Girl Celebrates Upon Returning Home

Mistaken Identity: Girl Celebrates Upon Returning Home
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Mistaken Identity: Girl Celebrates Upon Returning Home

A 14-year-old Mexican girl named Alondra Luna Nunez was sent back to her parents after police mistakenly grabbed her from a school. She had become a victim of mistaken identity.

After a DNA test, it was confirmed that she is not the daughter of a woman in Houston. The mistaken identity case of Alondra received extensive media attention after a video of the girl being dragged by police from her school surfaced on April 16.

In the video, the girl is seen screaming at the police. The clip was highly circulated around social media.

Dorotea Garcia from Houston had mistaken Alondra as her daughter, who was illegally taken away by her Mexican father years ago.

Alondra’s real family approached authorities to take action, but they ignored their request.

“It’s terrible that they could do this do you,” Susana Nunez, Alondra’s mother, told the Associated Press.

Upon landing at the Guanajuato airport, reporters questioned Alondra, who said, “Ask me all the questions you want tomorrow. Right now I want to be with my parents.”

The family celebrated her return. Dressed in jeans and a grey T-shirt, she seemed to be in high spirit. Her family, friends, and neighbors rejoiced upon finding her safe and sound.

“At first I was very upset because I had never been so far away from my parents,” Alondra said. But she was optimistic the mistake would be remedied. “So after a while I calmed down a bit.”

Upon carrying out the DNA tests and showing birth certificates, the judge dismissed Garcia’s appeal.

“We as judges are only responsible to resolve the case with respect to recovering the minor,” Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado said. “We don’t do investigations or make inquiries.”


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