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Missouri Flooding Update: Death Toll Rises, Danger Not Over

Missouri Flooding Update: Death Toll Rises, Danger Not Over


Missouri Flooding Update: Death Toll Rises, Danger Not Over

Missouri Flooding Update: Death toll rises, as the dangers are predicted not to end soon.

The deadly Missouri Flooding has already claimed 14 lives on Wednesday. Twelve of the 14 died for trying to drive through the flood.

5 of the 12 were part of a Kentucky family who tried to cross a bridge in south Illinois, according to New York Times. 3 were children.

Two rivers, the Mississippi River and the Meremac River rose higher than than flooding that occurred in 1993. This might also rival the flooding that occurred in 2011, according to US Army Corps of Engineers spokesperson, Robert T. Anderson.

He further said that the St. Louis District team is working closely with the states of Illinois and Missouri on reducing the impact of risks in the areas.

A mandatory evacuation were orders for Southwest of St. Louis.

Missouri Flooding Update: Danger is not yet over

Meremac River projected to rise 30 feet higher than flood stage.

National Weather Service said that around 400 river gauges are over flood stage. 45 are showing major flooding, CNN reported.

Governor Jay Nixon has already activated the Missouri National Guard in lieu of the Missouri flooding. A state of emergency has been declared as well. In their local official page, Gov. Nixon said that “These citizen soldiers will provide much-needed support to state and local first responders, many of whom have spent the last several days working around the clock responding to record rainfall and flooding.”

If you are a traveler in the area, check out this link for some helpful information. 


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