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Mississippi Shooting: Fifth Suspect Arrested

Mississippi Shooting: Fifth Suspect Arrested
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Mississippi Shooting: Fifth Suspect Arrested

A fifth suspect named Abram Wade Franklin, 29, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the shooting of Mississippi police officers Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 25, on Saturday.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety said in a statement that Franklin was charged with obstruction of justice during the shooting incident. Deen and Tate were shot dead on duty when they stopped a high-speeding car for traffic violation on a gold Cadillac Escalade in the city of Hattiesburg.

The autopsy result released by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) said one officer was shot on the face and the other in the back. One of the suspects fled with the police car, which was later discovered by police.

Marvin Banks was charged with two counts of capital murder while Curtis Banks and Joanie Calloway were charged with accessory to capital murder. Cornelius Clark was also charged with obstruction of justice.

Authorities declined to reveal the motive of the shooting.

“There are theories, but we’ll wait on the forensics to come back,” MBI spokesman Warren Strain told reporters.

This is the second case in 30 years that a Hattiesburg police officer was shot on duty. In 1984, Jackie Dole Sherrill was killed on duty during New Year’s Eve. The shooting of two police officers was highly condemned by southern Mississippi City.

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