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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation— Female Sidekick Outshines Ethan Hunt [VIDEO]

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation— Female Sidekick Outshines Ethan Hunt [VIDEO]
Image from Flickr by Gage Skidmore


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation— Female Sidekick Outshines Ethan Hunt [VIDEO]

The Mission Impossible series never fail to amaze its audience and the latest installment, the Rogue Nation, is no different—it is action-packed and its stunts are breathless.

But what makes this fifth movie ever more stunning is the presence of Ethan Hunt’s female sidekick Ilsa Faust.

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Unlike the previous MI movies which gave us Ethan being almost invincible [well, technically, as he always comes out alive, no matter how fatal the circumstance he finds himself in], the Rogue Nation showed Ethan being saved in many instances by the British Intelligence lady agent Faust, who also belongs to The Syndicate, the villain organization Hunt vows to take down in the film as it threatens to annihilate everyone in the IMF agency.

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Faust’s stunts are simply jaw-dropping and although we have seen many movies before with kick-ass heroines, in Rogue Nation, Faust’s beauty and overall bearing when added into the equation make her perfect for her role.

Her facial expressions and the way she delivers her lines are fitting, especially on the part where she got involved in a knife fight with a man double her size and on the scene where she had to dive into an enormous whirling water to save Hunt. She was also fighting side-by-side with him against the Syndicate. If that may not make you find her sexy, then perhaps, you should see her chasing after the trained killers determined to kill them.

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It may not be new to have a female fighter, but we can count the few movies where heroines stand out in our memory and Ilsa is definitely among them, particularly when you put the scene in the context of spy pursuits. In everything that she does, she does with grace and elegance to the extent that she outshines Hunts in this film.

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Watch the trailer below.

Credits: YouTube/ Mission Impossible

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