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‘Miss Universe’ 2016 Update: PH President Duterte Allegedly Considers Pageant A Waste Of Money

‘Miss Universe’ 2016 Update: PH President Duterte Allegedly Considers Pageant A Waste Of Money
Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach/Instagram


‘Miss Universe’ 2016 Update: PH President Duterte Allegedly Considers Pageant A Waste Of Money

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has made it amply clear that PH will definitely not be hosting “Miss Universe” 2016 because he considers it a waste of money!

Even though PH was one of the top contenders to host the coveted beauty pageant of “Miss Universe” in 2017, Duterte has withdrawn PH from the running to become the host country.

According to him, hosting a beauty pageant is not among his priorities right now. The amount of money that has to be spent to host “Miss Universe” in PH has been estimated to be between $10 to $12 million, which the PH government cannot afford for a pageant right now.

Currently, his duties include fixing rehabilitation centers to treat drug addicts, attending to the poor and improving the infrastructural capacity of his country.

‘Miss Universe’ 2017 News

“Dili ko. Gasto” (I don’t like. Expensive), said Duterte in Davao, reports Minda News, “I will not waste money on that.”

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo had shown great interest in bringing back the “Miss Universe” pageant to PH after a long gap of 23 years. She had even announced in the press that President Duterte had “approved in principle” to the said offer.

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Hosting “Miss Universe” in their country was Teo’s brainchild because of the influx of the tourism industry in PH. They even had a plan in place to involve private companies and businesses as sponsors for the said event, reports Rappler.

On July 18th the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtbach, met up with President Duterte to urge him to campaign to let PH host the next “Miss Universe” pageant. Hence, the sudden change of heart of the President has shocked many.

“Once Pia announces that Miss Universe is going to happen here, people abroad will start looking at the map and see where the Philippines is. And, we’re saying, we’d love to have you in Philippines,” Teo had added confidently.

Back in 1994, even though Private companies had been roped in to pay for the pageant, a huge chunk had to be paid by the government in the end when many of the companies fell short of fulfilling their deals.

This might be the reason behind Duterte’s unwillingness to host “Miss Universe” 2017.

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