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‘Miss Teen USA’ 2016 Karlie Hay Allegedly Racist: Miss Universe Organization Defends Her

‘Miss Teen USA’ 2016 Karlie Hay Allegedly Racist: Miss Universe Organization Defends Her
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‘Miss Teen USA’ 2016 Karlie Hay Allegedly Racist: Miss Universe Organization Defends Her

Barely 24 hours after Texas beauty Karlie Hay was crowned “Miss Teen USA 2016,” she is being slammed for having sent several racist tweets in the past.

Karlie Hay had barely any time to rejoice her coveted title of “Miss Teen USA” when she was bombarded with allegations of having sent out an array of tweets in the past which contained racist content.

According to the commentators, Karlie had casually referenced to the N-word in many of her Tweets from the years 2013 and 2014. This is a serious allegation since the Miss Universe Organization has done its best to include as much racial diversity in the recent years as possible.

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This, however, does not mean that they have always been successful in this endeavor. The Miss Teen USA 2016 pageant itself came under a lot of heat when the top five contestants selected were all fair-skinned, blond beauties, reports USA Today.

So naturally the media pounced on Karlie Hay like vultures when she was found to have used racial slangs in the past. Karlie Hay immediately issued an apology on Twitter, reports USA Today.

She explained that she has had to go through a lot of “personal struggles” and the behavior demonstrated then is in no way representative of the human being she has grown up to become at present.

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“Through hard work, education and thanks in large part to the sisterhood that I have come to know through pageants, I am proud to say that I am today a better person,” she further added.

The Miss Universe Organization stood by their teen pageant winner by stating that in the past Karlie Hay “made a serious mistake she regrets and for which she sincerely apologizes”, despite making it clear that the language she used was “unacceptable” under any circumstance or age.

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