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Miserable Kourtney Kardashian Had Make-up Sex With Scott Disick, Fourth Baby On The Way?

Miserable Kourtney Kardashian Had Make-up Sex With Scott Disick, Fourth Baby On The Way?
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Miserable Kourtney Kardashian Had Make-up Sex With Scott Disick, Fourth Baby On The Way?

Kourtney Kardashian is visibly sad after breaking up with Scott Disick, just like any woman who just ended a relationship. However, a source said she had gotten to a level where she is already miserable. She is reportedly hiring an A-list lawyer to have full custody of their kids. But another source may know the real reason behind Kourtney’s misery – a fourth baby is on the way, reportedly conceived after make-up sex. His side is not looking good as reports surface that Scott is already seeing another girl.

Miserable Kourtney Kardashian

Speaking with People, a source said that Kourtney is just sporting a brave façade but she is really broken deep within.

“Kourtney is miserable at the moment, so miserable,” the source told PEOPLE.

While the misery may have stemmed from the fact that Scott is so deep into his substance abuse and was already out partying with a girl in Monte Carlo, another source revealed that Kourtney is pregnant.

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian

Speaking with The Hollywood Life, a source said that the couple loves make-up sex that it is totally possible that Kourtney is pregnant.

“It would be the worst timing but it’s very possible that Kourtney could be pregnant,” the source said.

“She and Scott have not had much of a sex life since Reign was born but they’re famous for their make-up sex and they’re been some moments. Whenever Scott works his way out of the dog house there are always some fireworks,” the source revealed.

“They’ve both said make-up sex is their favorite and they’ve done a lot of fighting and making up over the past few months. It could have happened in Mexico, they were happy for part of the time when they were there. Or when they went to Vegas for his birthday. Kourtney isn’t telling people she’s pregnant but it’s totally possible, she gets pregnant very easily,” the source divulged.

Baby number 4? No problem for Kourtney and Scott

If the report is true, the couple may not have a problem welcoming baby number 4. Both Kourtney and Scott are making their best efforts to let their kids feel their presence and love even after separating. The family was just spotted having meal together.

TMZ reported that the couple, together with kids Mason and Penelope, ate lunch together at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After eating together, Kourtney allowed the kids to spend more time with their father, the report said.


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